Welcome to Clearoma® - Revolutionary Odor Treatment


Clearoma® IS the ultimate odor control and odor removal product. With a secret, scientifically designed blend of natural odor control organics, essential oils, natural aldehydes, esters and ketones with vapour reducing properties, Clearoma® will remove everything obnoxious including pet odors, skunk odors, household odors, and more!


The vapour pressure reducing reaction attacks malodorous compounds that typically contain sulphur and nitrogen, altering their aromatic character. This allows the Clearoma® fragrance compound to deliver a pleasant scent. Clearoma® contains proprietary aroma odor control chemicals with specific odor suppressing properties.


Clearoma’s® beginnings are with institutional and industrial use. As an industrial strength odor eliminator, Clearoma® is used in every industry from airliners and hotels, to funeral homes and police departments!

Get tough at home! Use Clearoma® to eliminate cooking odors, cigarette odors, garbage odors, and more!





Click here for the Clearoma® Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / WHMIS)